Social (climate change) studies: Making room for climate change in social studies education

When you think about teaching climate change, you probably see a science classroom. Lots of graphs, data, and experiments. But don’t get too comfortable at that lab station. Understanding the science of climate change is incredibly important, but also important is understanding the economic, politcal and social impacts. Schools need to be including climate change […]

Advancing Climate Change Education in Minnesota

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board convened all Minnesota COP21 attendees in a conversation at the Science Museum on January 12, 2016. We discussed what we learned and what the Paris Agreement means for all of us as far as next steps. (A short radio piece summarized the event which you can access here.) The event […]

2016 – Year of Action!

Letter from the Executive Director 2016 will be a pivotal year for climate change efforts: this is the year we will implement the critical climate policies and agreements passed in the last few years, including the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement. Our word for the year is ACTION. We all have a role […]

Your Window into Paris: Post-COP21 Reflections

On Saturday, as our Education Ambassadors and staff were flying back to the U.S., 196 countries finalized and signed the Paris Agreement – the first global climate accord that commits all signatories to climate action. As news of the agreement spread, first to the halls of the Blue Zone – where negotiators and observers clapped […]

After the Celebration, What Does “Let’s Get to Work” Mean?

There are moments you remember from your school years. Moments when your teacher brought some topic or issue to life so well, that it still sticks with you today. It is my hope that this past week will be one of those moments for many of the students we connected with through our Window into […]

High Ambition

In the final days of the COP21 climate negotiations, a High Ambition Coalition emerged. The European Union joined with 79 countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to push for an “ambitious, durable and legally binding” deal with a strong review every five years. They were joined by the next day by the United […]

Beyond COP21: My Commitment to Action

Greetings. I write from the Green Zone of COP21 on the last day of the negotiations, and I am feeling deeply inspired about what I have seen and experienced over the last week. Serving as an Education Ambassador with Climate Generation during the UNFCCC COP21 negotiations is one of the greatest honors that I have […]

A Closing Window for Climate Action

It was hard to transition back to being a middle school teacher after having a week with my mind focused on the global-scale problem of climate change. Back in my classroom this week, my students were receptive to the summary I provided of the deal that was struck at COP21. I told them that it […]