High School Student Perspectives of COP 19

For the 5th year in a row the School of Environmental Studies is bringing a group of high school students to the United Nations International Climate Change Conference. This year it is being held in Warsaw, Poland November 11th-22nd. The COP, or Conference of the Parties, will bring together representatives from more than 190 countries […]

Kenyan and US Youth Delegation Discuss Climate Change

The delegations from the US and Kenya meet each other at COP15 for a discussion on how climate change is impacting their individual countries and people. They work together to create a book of storie from Kenyan and US youth that was presented to President Obama and featured on the White House website.

Jamie Horter Interviews James Balog

James Balog, National Geographic photographerand Director of the Extreme Ice Survey project presented his work at the US Center on the first day of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change. Expedition Copenhagen South Dakota youth delegate, Jamie Horter had a chance to speak with James following his session.

UN Climate Change Summit Take 15 And….Action

So many things are happening at the U.N. Climate Change Summit – it will make your head spin! Bringing awareness and attention to an issue or group can be done in many ways. “Actions” are a large part of the Climate Change Summit and in making statements worldwide. Particular planned “actions” with different organizations and […]

Climate Justice Fast

This past Thursday, one day before the end of the 2009 Conference of Parties (COP 15), I fasted to help call attention to the great injustice of global climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions, which come disproportionately from people in industrialized countries, are imposing serious climate impacts on the rest of the world–droughts and desertification in […]