COP18 in your Classroom: A Teacher’s Primer on International Climate Negotiations

Monday, October 26th, 15,000+ delegates from 195 nations gathered in Doha, Qatar for climate change negotiations and ultimately “to stabalise greenhouse gas concentrations at a level that will prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system” (sources: COP18 Website). This collective effort began in 1992 with the creation of the United Nations Framework Commission on […]

Students Show Off Their Carbon Cycle Knowledge

On occasion we are lucky enough to see the results of teachers using our curriculum. This week we received a whole bundle of posters and final reflections on the carbon cycle, based on lesson one of our Citizen Climate Curriculum.   Many thanks to Aitkin High School Ninth Grade Science!  We’ve included a few examples below. […]

Citizen Climate Curriculum Puts Climate Bill in Context

Yesterday John Kerry and Joe Lieberman introduced the American Power Act a bill that, if passed, would put national limits on carbon emissions that cause climate change. This bill is a fantastic beginning to a discussion in your class about the complexities of environmental policymaking and the provisions the bill lays out. The short summary […]