Bishop, Polar Explorer, Scientist address Climate Change

Letter from the Executive Director Volunteers and WSF staff greet guests at the Chasing Ice reception. Copyright 2012 John Ratzloff. When the New Ulm journal published the headline: Polar explorer, scientist, bishop to address climate change, we knew we were pulling together a diversity of voices for climate action. Our efforts to bring strong voices […]

Chasing Ice Educator Resources

In anticipation of the upcoming showing of Chasing Ice, we pulled together some resources that could help extend learning about climate change and ice and why it is important.  If you are interested in introducing the implications of warming in the Arctic, lesson 4 of our Grades 6-12 Global Warming 101 curriculum provides a nice […]

Climate Lesson Update: November 2012

November 13th was the first day that students and teachers returned to school in Long Beach, NY after superstorm Sandy.  According to one source, 4,000 New York City students and their school staff have been impacted, missing weeks of school.  While missing school is certainly not the most dramatic of Sandy’s effects, we stand by teachers and students […]