March Forward!

In recent climate news: The Winter Olympics have ended, earning the medal for the warmest of the modern era, with an average temperature of nearly 49 degrees and a number of days around 60 degrees. On Monday March 10th, a group of 30 Senators stayed up all night delivering speeches to bring attention to the […]

Duluth Flooding, Climate Adaptation, and Extreme Weather

An article in the Star Tribune this week discussed the recent flooding in Duluth and the fact that “Duluth is maybe in the firstwave of cities to adapt to climate change,” said University of Minnesota Extension climatologist Mark Seeley.  The article is nice starting point for a discussion about adaptation to climate change, the role […]

Interview with Simon Awa…

Simon Awa, Deputy Minister of the Environment for the territory of Nunavut, talked with Global Warming 101 expedition member Elizabeth Andre about the Inuit relationship to the land, traditional knowledge about global warming and lessons we can learn from the Inuit experience with climate change. Listen to the interview: Part One: What is the Inuit […]