Self-care in the midst of chaos

In the past couple days our Indigenous delegation with Climate Generation has presented on two panels, one on climate justice on Turtle Island, and another on Indigenous resistance to the Line 3 pipeline. In both instances we advocated for Indigenous rights, sovereignty and self-determination in the wake of extractive projects that have only caused irreparable […]

Finding Balance by the River Clyde

As Indgenous people attending COP26, things can feel complicated. So many of the issues impacting our people are not well represented. Our people are not well represented. But today was a day that felt good. We started the day with a panel at the U.S. Climate Action Center on Indigenous Resistance to the Line 3 […]

Climate Justice on Turtle Island

Ho mitakuyepi, hello my relatives! Today we woke up and started the day with our ‘cowboy coffee’ and manoomin pudding (rice pudding). (Pilamayaye and boozhoo Kyle.) We also took the morning to talk over our panel and prepare for the day as a team that has officially met for the first time in person. Though […]

Mni Wiconi (Water is life)

Boozhoo, I am here in Glasgow after a long trip across the pond – Minneapolis to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Edinburgh then trains to Glasgow. We pulled our luggage right up to a water ceremony, where we poured the remaining water from Minneapolis lakes into the River Clyde along with other Indigenous water protectors and land […]

COP Language Three Ways

Last night, I was able to visit my aunt in Glasgow for dinner, and I’d love to discuss language and COP26. Over an amazing home-cooked meal, we discussed Gaelic, a language that is extremely important to me and my family. She pulled a Gaelic-to-English dictionary off her shelf and told me about how connected the […]

Where is the work of COP26 being done?

I would like to state that the work is being done everywhere and in order to succeed it needs to be done by everyone. In the Blue Zone in Glasgow there are world leaders, party delegates, observers (like the Climate Generation delegation), press, support staff and many others at the conference. Today, I had the […]

COP26 has begun, and so have difficult conversations

Nestled in the basement of a 12th century church in Glasgow is a curious arrangement of 122 chairs. I went to explore it today, and here is what I learned. Created by Heidi and Peter Gardner, this temporary art installation, titled “I will learn to sit with you and I will learn to listen”, inspires […]

What’s Valuable to a Young COP Delegate?

While I arrived yesterday, today felt like my first real look into COP26. I got to go inside the Scottish Convention Center beyond badge collection. After a morning coffee with the wonderful people of the ACE Coalition, it was time to try out our transit passes and take the train to COP. My first thought […]

Elevate The Missing Voices

Today marked the first day of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland and much of the time was spent queuing in line. The day began with a Lateral Flow Diagnostic (LFD) test that we reported online to the National Institute of Health (NIH). Don’t get overwhelmed yet by acronyms, but what can you expect from an event […]

Carbon Pollution Must End: Response to IPCC Report

The U.N. released new findings on the state of our current climate and what is required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change: in short, carbon pollution must end.  In its report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), summarizes the facts about human activities warming the planet. New in this report is the […]