Security and Climate Justice

The role of democracy and security in climate justice has not been spoken of as much in many side events or panels, but is strongly felt at COP even by civil society on a daily basis. Having this event moved from Santiago to Madrid was unprecedented, restricting access from negotiations for participants from Latin America […]

The “Time for Action” is Now

The theme for COP25 is “Time for Action.” You see the words scrawled everywhere around the convention—from the logo to the hashtags on the walls behind speakers. Inside the Blue Zone, where the negotiations and official side events take place, you every now and then hear protest chants of, “What do we want? ACTION! When […]

People United Will Never Be Divided

Today there was a CAN- (Climate Action Network) and SustainUS-led demonstration before a high-level negotiation segment. A demonstration which I somehow managed to find myself in the middle of. The protest began with demonstrators banging drums, cowbells, and blowing whistles. The demonstrators gathered, then transitioned to standing in circles. Demonstrators held banners and signs that […]

Your Window into COP25: December 12

Youth and civil society voices cut through the noise of pomp and circumstance during the negotiations yesterday. We’re feeling the palpable energy of rising tensions from our delegates — their blogs today speak to the unrest inside the convention space. The official negotiations made little to no progress in the second day of high-level segments, […]

Perspective on Progress

Spending my day away from negotiations was surprisingly productive in building relationships and other forms of progress. A lineup of panels didn’t at first seem like a significant workload, but the people in the room and discussion in each space elevated the work beyond the typical conference. With the lack of federal leadership on climate […]

A Twitter COP Journey

Eric started using Twitter to engage with #MNCOP25, and we wanted to share his journey! Be sure to go on and follow him at @la_stradamn to join in on the conversation in real time. Can’t compete with @timvsexton’s hat, but at least I’m representing too on my way to #cop25, #mncop25, @ClimateGenOrg, @MetCouncilNews — […]

Your Window into COP25: December 11

The high-level segments of COP25 kicked off yesterday, where the heads of government and representing ministers are required to share statements from their country with the other world leaders in attendance. These statements communicate their priorities in tackling climate change, and usually include the progress on what has been achieved thus far. During the opening […]

Coming Together in Action

Hawaiian youth leader Keoni Rodriguez opened a meeting between USCAN partners and the head negotiator of the United States with a prayer for those who are no longer with us and for those yet to be born, to give us compassion for the land, the sea, and the air as we come together in this […]

Your Window into COP25: December 10

Good morning, Window into COP25-ers! Part of the challenge with COPs is how inaccessible it can be, both physically and informationally. The international media usually only covers the achievements or failures of the negotiating Parties, missing an opportunity to bring to life the rich community, pressure, and urgency that non-Party attendees breathe into the conference. […]

Youth in the Lead

The incredible power of the youth climate movement was immediately apparent as I began my experience at COP25. I was mid-flight while 500,000 people marched through Madrid on Friday evening, an unprecedented mobilization by a broad coalition. I arrived early on Saturday in time to catch the last day of week one. My walk to […]