Students meet with Senators Clausen and Carlson

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Madeline, second from left and other SES students at Lobby Day
IMG 3353Students talking with Senator Carlson

Lobby Day this year at the capitol was an all around amazing experience. I came on the bus from my school, the School of Environmental Studies (SES), with some other high school classes.  When we got to our meeting location near the capitol we were met with many amazing adults and students, around 400 people were there that day.  In preparing to talk with our lawmakers and meeting with other concerned students it was amazing to see how many people cared about the issues we came together for. This year on Lobby Day we came together to work on increasing Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard up to 40% by 2030.

With my classmates and students from two other schools in District 51 and 57, we sat down for a conversation with Senator Clausen and Senator Carlson. The students asked them questions and informed them on our thoughts on increasing the Renewable Energy Standard. It was a great opportunity to, as their constituents, let them know about how we felt on these very important issues. I felt that the meeting went so successfully because of the great dialogue that the students were able to have with the senators. In hearing their thoughts and possible actions environmentally it reinforced not only how important these issues are but also how important it is to do the things that we are doing; becoming informed, having important conversations with peers, and getting involved, letting our voice be heard. Following our meeting with Senators Clausen and Carlson we then got to hear from the Governor, hear his opinion, ask him questions.

It was a deeply impactful day.  Talking with friends and fellow classmates they could not say enough about how great the day had been, how impactful they felt, how they want to go again next year. For me and I’m sure for the others that were there, it felt that we put in a lot of effort into making a difference, in provoking change that we believe should be done.



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