Student Design Team for the Expedition Logo

This fall, students enrolled in DHA 2351 – Graphic Design I at the University of Minnesota College of Design had the unique opportunity to design a logo for the upcoming Global Warming 101 Expedition. Nineteen students collaborated to create five potential logos for the Expedition.

We are grateful for the creativity and ingenuity they put into all of the logos. The final design will commemorate the Expedition for generations to come.

The Global Warming 101 Expedition logo combines the polar bear, representing all wildlife endangered by global warming, with the Inukshuk, symbolic of the stone monuments the Inuit use for land navigation and for designating sacred areas. Niqirtsuituk, the North Star, represents the wisdom of elders in the community and is the traditional guide for navigation. The North Star (symbol of the Northern latitudes)and Inukshuk are components of the Nunvaut Flag of Baffin Island and have been embedded into the Expedition logo.


Patch Designer Sergey Trubetskoy with Karoline Dehnhard and Meaghan Tessmann


  • Colin Corrado
  • Karoline Dehnhard
  • Laura Demarest
  • Michael Diener
  • Christina DiMeo
  • Kelsey Dunigan
  • Anne Elliott
  • Karina Holtz
  • Whitney Kearns
  • Amy Kohl
  • Trinh Mai
  • Matt Schroeder
  • Becki Schwartz
  • Mckenna Seefeldt
  • Aaron Shekey
  • Debbie Siracusa
  • Kari Sivula
  • Meaghan Tessmann
  • Kristofer Layon, Instructor


Department of Design, Housing, & Apparel
College of Design


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