Statewide Call-in Day Demonstrates Support for Clean Air

Statewide Call-in Day Demonstrates Support for Clean Air

Last Wednesday, young people across Minnesota participated in a statewide call-in day for clean air. Over 400 people picked up their phones to thank Senator Klobuchar for voting against Senator Paul’s recent dirty air initiative and to urge her to continue to reject further attacks.

As industry lobbyists and their friends in Congress continue their assault on the EPA and the Clean Air Act, youth in Minnesota encouraged Senator Klobuchar to stand with Minnesotans and oppose attempts to weaken public health and environmental standards.

The Clean Air Act is arguably the most successful public health protection legislation in the country. It has successfully reduced air pollutants and has huge public support. Under the Clean Air Act the gross domestic product has tripled while air toxics from large industrial sources have been reduced by nearly 70 percent.

Last week, youth were clear that any attempt to weaken or delay clean air safeguards is an attack on our health, environment and futures.


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