South Dakota Joins Largest Environmental Action in History

What an amazing day! Those who participated in the 350 action today were among the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, from all walks of life, who gathered in support of stronger climate change legislation to lower carbon emissions to 350 parts per million. Our action in Sioux Falls started with a parade from 5th and Phillips to the Horse Barn Arts Center and ended with good food and environmental discussion at the Falls Overlook Cafe. Included in these pictures is the banner everyone painted and wrote messages on about what SD means to them along with the kind of future they would like to see for the state and its people. There were even international students present who added to the banner their wishes for global collaboration on climate change!  To everyone that participated in some way today, thank you for your presence, your enthusiasm, and your hope while working to make a better future possible for all on this planet. Climate Change affects everyone, and it is only when the people of the world come together to collectively solve the problem that we will arrive at the sustainable environment everyone desperately needs. Today’s event was proof that people are ready for the commitment.


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