Simon’s Dog Team

“These dogs to me are kind of interesting because they could obey me, they could love me…if I ever lose them, I could call them and they could come back to me. And they could pull me all the way from Iqaluit to Iglulik! I really like these dogs.”

Qupiuq Qupiuq
“Qupiaq means ‘bug’. He is the lead dog. He is bossy. If I run him he is the fastest. He is also obedient. He listens to me.”
Qiviaqk Qiviaqk
Her name means ‘keep watching’. Every time I move she watches me.”
Uquniq Uquniq
Uquniq means ‘ptarmigan dung’. He is named this because it matches the color of his coat. He is a bigger dog, kind of friendly, and not aggressive to others.”
Aupajaq Aupajaq
“Her name means ‘reddish’. She is shortish and not aggressive at all. She an easy going, silly dog, who sometimes chews on my lines.”
pigujuliik.jpg Piqujuliik
“His name means ‘white spot on the back’. He’s not mean but wants to be. He acts tough but when someone tries the real thing on him he backs off.
Ukiliqak Ukiliqak
This means ‘spotted one’. She’s not bossy or aggressive. Just an average dog and pulls hard. She is kind of a shy dog.”
Niqiukuluk Nigiuquluk
“Her name means ‘old lady’. She is the mother of all these dogs except for Qaniq. She is probably six years old. I bought her when she was pregnant a year and a half ago now. She’s the boss and the leader. She is training her younger son (Qupiuq) to be a leader. She has the second longest line running behind him.”
Qaniq Qaniq
“Qaniq means ‘snowflake’. He was named this because his was born when it was snowing. We got him when he was a little puppy. He used to pull my son on a small sled when he was little. He is a good breeding dog.”
Ajilik Ajilik
“Ajilik means ‘looks like’. He has two sisters that look just like him. He is shy and mellow”
Kajukalak Kajukalak
“Her name means ‘brown spotted’. She is a real hardworking lady. A happy dog. She likes to run.”


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