September 2020: Uncertainty and Possibility

September has begun unlike any other school year with parents, students, and teachers everywhere adapting to an entire distance learning experience or some sort of hybrid learning environment.

Meanwhile, communities across the western U.S. and around the world are dealing with climate change-induced fires, decreased air quality, smoke-filled skies, and evacuations.

We now have the sense for what it’s like to live in a full-on global-scale crisis, one that disrupts everything. The upheaval that has been caused by COVID-19 is also very much a harbinger of climate change. It provides a sense for how much we must change to meet the climate challenge.

We ended business as usual for a time this spring, pretty much across the planet—changing our lifestyles far more than we’d imagined possible. And emissions fell, but not sufficiently. Only by attacking our outdated hardwired systems—including ripping out the fossil-fueled guts and replacing them with renewable energy, even as we make them far more efficient—can we push emissions down to where we stand a chance at surviving – and thriving.

We’re laser focused on how critical this moment is, from the next two months to the next two years to the next ten. We’re meeting educators’ needs for distance learning and curricular support with our monthly Teach Climate Network; helping high school youth organize their peers and receive the skills and support to launch action campaigns rooted in climate justice; and we’re empowering our communities to use their voices and votes like never before.

This moment demands courage to confront the world as it is: complete with uncertainty, chaos, and inequity — and also full of possibility. I hope you will continue to join us in the months, and years, ahead.


Nicole Rom, Executive Director

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