Resupply Day!

Resuply day!_April 18, Plane landing.jpgPosition: N 78° 10′, W 094° 15′
Distance traveled: 10.7 km/ 6.6 mi

It has now been 20 days since we left the community of Resolute, and today was our first scheduled resuply of food and dog food. We woke up this morning with one goal in mind: we had to find a suitable flat piece of ice to land a small plane. We hooked up the dogs and traveled scanning around us for a runway. It wasn’t until early afternoon after climbing to the top of a huge chunk of ice that we spotted a location. We set up camp and called in the plane. With only a couple hours, we resorted our gear. We took shifts marking and flattening out some of the bumps on the runway.

Soon we could hear the sound of the plane in the distance. It flew over our runway a couple times before touching down. Jerry, our videographer, was on the plane. After exchanging hugs, he helped us unload the plane and handed out spare gear and treats.

After waving goodbye to Jerry and the pilots we set up our newly arrived group tent and had a gourmet dinner of sandwiches, cheese fondue, chips, and pilot biscuits followed by Oreos! Mmm, did it ever taste good. And the best part of the day was snuggling into our sleeping bags knowing the we had a day to rest and repack tomorrow!



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