Resolute Bay

Position: Resolute Bay
Temperature: -25.6 °F/ -32 °C
Wind: 11 MPH/ 18 KPH, ESE
Distance traveled: 0 km

We arrived here in Resolute past midnight last night. The dogs did really well during the four hour flight but were very happy to get out of their kennels and back to the cold. We worked on preparations until 4 a.m. this morning and we are aiming to start our long journey after breakfast tomorrow. We are all now looking forward to get started.The arctic seems intimidating right now and the cold temperature is not comfortable. However, we are ready and we feel very confident that we will reach northern Ellesmere and witness the last remaining ice shelves of the northern hemisphere. All good. Best regards from Toby and the rest of the expedition team.

Toby Thorleifsson

Additional Info:


Resolute is located in the High Arctic, on the south coast of Cornwallis Island. Home to just under 230 people, it was named after a British ship, the HMS Resolute, that passed through the area in search of Franklin’s expedition.

The history of the community of Resolute is very similar to Grise Fiord. Inuit families were relocated for Canadian sovereignty reasons and forced to make ends meet by living in the harsh climate of the High Arctic.

Resolute is now the gateway community to the north. It is home to a weather station and provides a base for the Polar Continental Shelf Project.


Who named Ellesmere Island?

The European and Euro-American/Canadian assault on the High Arctic started in the 17th century and in 1616 William Baffin was the first non-aboriginal person to sight Ellesmere Island since the Norse Vikings. The further exploration of Ellesmere Island did not take place until the 19th century when a number of primarily American and British expeditions were launched. Ellesmere Island was named by Commander E. A. Inglefield who was in charge of a British Expedition to the High Arctic in 1852. Inglefield did not know that Ellesmere was an island and named his discovery Ellesmere Land after the Earl of Ellesmere who was also the vice president of the Royal Geographical Society in London.



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