Polar explorer helping unmask environmental problems


Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) – Not many in this life can list their job title as — explorer. That’s exactly what Will Steger is, specializing in traveling to the North Pole.

He now uses the images and video he’s captured to help the fight toward green energy.

He teams up with a Minnesota non-profit called “Fresh Energy” for this forum.

Steger says what he’s captured tells the truth of what’s happening to our world, and the oil industry is doing a good job with its money on deflecting people from the truth.

Will Steger, Polar Explorer: “You can’t reach the North Pole by dog team because the ocean has opened up. You need a canoe or some form of floatation and that’s changed just in five years.”

After Steger, The Science Policy Director with Fresh Energy goes over the technical side of what’s happening and offers solutions.

Click image to play video.


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