Pick your news before Facebook does

The world moves pretty fast, but it seems social media is always one step ahead. You may know that Facebook is changing the way it delivers your news to you; your favorite content might get buried beneath the noise—and all those articles and cat videos can be overwhelming.

If you follow Climate Generation on Facebook, take just a few steps to continue to stay up to date with climate change science, news, our events and programs, and great resources for educators, businesses, and students to act on climate.

Ensure you’ll see all our Facebook content in the time it takes to compost a vegetable or change a lightbulb:

  1. Go to Climate Generation’s Facebook page.
  2. Below our cover video, hover over the middle “Following” button
  3. From the now-visible dropdown, click “See First” under the IN YOUR NEWS FEED section
  4. That’s it! You can like and share every one of our posts (definitely encouraged, not exactly required)

You can do the same with our Youth Environmental Activists of MN page to stay updated on young climate leaders making a difference in their communities.

Thanks for following us! Your support both on and offline makes our organization go ‘round.

Make sure to check out our other climate action content on Instagram and Twitter—and get even more updates through our monthly e-newsletters.


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