Photo Blog: The YEA! MN Year-End Retreat

YEA! MN ended the school year with an adventure in Rice Lake State Park to celebrate our year’s work. Students reflected on the year’s highlights, helping shape an even stronger program for next year. Here are some photo highlights:

We paddled to our canoe-in campsite, singing sea shanties by great sailors such as Keshia.

Chef Elisabeth spoiled us with incredible cooking, including roasted vegan s’mores. The ghost stories were not for the meek of heart.

Now, can you guess this charades answer?

Beyoncé? You had to be there.

The retreat finished with a visit to Young Peoples Action Coalition in Northfield, where young climate justice organizers are training youth leaders to make change. We learned how the fossil fuel economy affects rural MN, and cuddled with 1,012 chicks!

It was a fantastic end to the year. With bubbles and ribbons, and handbooks for organizing climate justice campaigns, we honored the graduating seniors and the rising leaders of next year’s YEA! MN network. We send a giant thank you and congratulations to the students who showed up big with Climate Generation this year. 2018, here we come!

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