Overcoming Climate Change Misconceptions in the Classroom

ENED 6126: Overcoming Climate Change Misconceptions in the Classroom
Hamline University Online 2 credit Graduate Course
Kristen Poppleton, Instructor

Course Description:

The goal of this course is to provide educators from a variety of backgrounds with an overview of the fundamentals of environmental education and climate literacy and introduce them to the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate the topic of climate change in their educational setting. An “effective” environmental educator is one who develops a citizenry that is able and willing to help solve current environmental problems, such as climate change, and help prevent future environmental problems. To achieve this goal students will learn about theories and pedagogy in environmental education and climate literacy, as well as resources for communicating about climate change. Please note this course will provide resources for those looking interested in a deeper understanding of climate science, but assumes participants have some baseline understanding of the science of climate change.

The course uses online readings and website information. Students will read and discuss the themes via an online discussion forum. Students will explore how those themes relate to their own personal and professional lives. Assignments will include weekly discussions and a final reflection paper.

Download the syllabus (PDF 147KB)

To register, visit www.hamline.edu. Under “Logins” on the upper right, select “Course Listing,” then select “Fall 2012″ under “Continuing Studies.”


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