Our Own Cairn

Our own cairnDay 43
Distance Traveled: 0 km (rest day)
Position: N 81° 01′ W 095° 03′

We spent the morning resting and doing all of our personal things. Writing in diaries, reading, bathing and sleeping. In the afternoon we had a team meeting where we discussed our route for the last leg of the expedition. It’s been nice to have some down time and with Ben’s arrival we have all been reminiscing about the days past. Filling Ben in on what we’ve done has brought back many funny memories along with the tough times we’ve had.

This evening Eric, Sarah, Sigrid, Ben and I walked up to the carin on top of the mountain side behind camp. Toby was still feeling ill stayed in camp with Will. He must be really ill to miss out on leaving his own cairn. We did it for him. It was great to get up on top. The camp looked like an ant being dwarfed by the mountains and expanse of space around it. We arrived on top by the carin and put our map with expedition route inside a Nalgene bottle. It was a nice moment for us. We pictured the last group of people building the cairn however many years ago and it was a nice image. We now were making our own mark in this barren and isolated place. I wonder if someone will ever come across it in the future. Very few people have ever been here in the history of mankind and I don’t think many more will. In fact probably more dogs have visited this place than humans!

We rebuilt the carin, rock by rock on top of our bottle and had a moment to take it all in. Back to the trail tomorrow and we’re all looking forward to it. Camp is starting to feel slightly stale with all the dog mess. It’s like a mine field, always having to watch where you tread.

For now over and out from
Falcon (Sam)….



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