October 2020: The Vast Majority Support Climate Solutions

First, let me start by saying what our President failed to say: we denounce white supremacy in all its forms.

Period. Second, we follow what science says. Third, while I was happy to see the first Presidential debate and Vice Presidential debate both include a climate change question, specifically asking the candidates whether they accept the science/acknowledge climate change is an existential threat, I was more interested in what their plan is to address it. While the answers were at times inaccurate, misleading, or disappointing, the fact that the issue was covered does demonstrate the deep concern Americans have with regard to climate change. This is confirmed in a new public opinion poll.

According to Yale’s Six Americas study which has been surveying American attitudes towards climate change for over 10 years, the “Alarmed” segment has more than doubled in size (from 11% to 26% of the U.S. adult population), while the “Dismissive” segment has decreased by nearly half (from 12% to 7%). Because conservative media organizations prominently feature dismissive politicians and officials from industry, most Americans overestimate the prevalence of dismissive beliefs among other Americans. What is clear however:

Americans are becoming more worried about climate change, more engaged with the issue, and more supportive of climate solutions.

This has played out across our programs with increased reach and in new and increased support of our work from people like you!

We are excited to welcome Na Choih to our youth team as Youth Leadership Mentor; along with a new core of youth leaders who will steer the YEA! Network and/or lead their own local climate justice campaign. How to support youth climate leadership is the featured topic for our October Teach Climate Network on October 21st.

Only a few weeks remain before the November 3rd election. We encourage you to have a voting plan and to help others in your life to get out the vote. Our Youth and Policy Manager Sarah Goodspeed shares how to use your voice and vote for climate justice.

Our voices matter. Our votes matter.  We may not know the election results on November 3rd for days, weeks, or months, but we must remain calm and ready to get to work, regardless of the outcome. We’ve lived with uncertainty before and we will need to wade through the murkiness with grace. After you’ve voted, we have your next action ready and waiting! Join Minnesotans from every district in Minnesota in writing a letter to your legislator.

If you live in another state, use the template for your own legislator! If you need guidance, use our climate storytelling prompts, inspired by EYEWITNESS to get you started.

Let’s do this,

Nicole Rom, Executive Director

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