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Climate Generation’s Summer Institute. This two-day institute for climate change education will take place at the nsta_poster300School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, Minnesota, June 15–17.

Participants will learn from and network with climate change experts and engage in hands-on activities to introduce climate change in their classrooms. Those who implement climate change in formal or informal settings also have an opportunity to present and share their stories.

Choose from these curriculum options:
Our Changing Climate, Grades 3–6 or 6–12;
Citizen Climate, Grades 9–12;
Minnesota’s Changing Climate, Grades 3–8 or 9–12;
and Experience Energy, Grades 3–8.

Informal and formal educators at all levels may attend.
Climate change curriculum for grades 3–12 and some meals are provided;
20 continuing education credits and two graduate credits are also available.

Register online here.

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