New campaign calling for ‘green’ videographers

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Laura Betker, KARE · May 1, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS – Calling all aspiring videographers and budding environmentalists in grades 4 through 12 – this video contest is for you!

“Youth are our future and are the ones who will be most impacted by climate change but they are also among our most powerful advocates and our most powerful inspiration,” says Kristen Poppleton of the Will Steger Foundation.

The contest is called “Youth Voices for Change.” It asks young people to create short videos that focus on either action or awareness regarding climate change.

Last year’s winner was 4th grader Soren Sackreiter who says, “Like everywhere on earth you can access to the sun so why not access solar power, which is power from the sun.”

“You don’t have to be an expert on the topic,” adds Britt Gangeness of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. “There are resources on the website and suggested topics that you can educate your neighbors and the public about.”

Sorens advice to this year’s competitors: “Get it done before the last three hours before it’s due. That’s what happened to me I was basically up until midnight working on it.”

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