BoingBoing: NatGeo Adventure iPad app – Greatest Stories Ever Told


This app features amazing stories of explorers at the moment of discovery, and their adventures on journeys around the world — enhanced with video, stunning photography, and interactive graphics.

• Watching Explorer-in-Residence Robert Ballard discover the Titanic’s final resting place.
• Meeting the nominees for Adventurers of 2011, and watching them in action.
• Watching Alex Honnold scale both Half Dome and El Capitan — without ropes.
• Tracking Will Steger’s team on their Trans-Antarctic journey with an interactive map, and experiencing the -50˚F temps at the “bottom of the world” through raw video footage and stark photographs.
• Descending inside the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Nyiragongo Volcano with scientists to study a belching, fuming lava lake — in hopes of saving the million and growing population of Goma.
• Plunging deep into the blue holes of the Bahamas with cave-diving scientists in search of clues to early life on Earth.


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