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The International Polar Year’s webpage for Educators has a catalog of lesson plans, activities, classroom posters, discussion groups, podcasts, live chats with scientists in the field, and other resources for teachers. Classrooms can launch a virtual balloon to show their involvement with the IPY and participate in IPY Science Days every three months.

Citizen Science, the science and technology program of SustainUS, mobilizes young people to advance scientific approaches to sustainable development. Citizen Science is committed to raising awareness in the United States of existing and emerging technologies designed to improve economic, social, and environmental conditions for current and future generations. Citizen Science attempts to bring together the many areas of science for a widely diverse, complex, and exciting arena to support the science behind Sustainable Development. The three major components of the program are the annual paper competition, the newly launched listserv, and partnership building. Members range in age from 13 – 26. On the local level, SustainUS members participate in activities and projects coordinated by Geoclusters. These activities include things like, creating a sustainable map of the Geocluster city, organizing a sustainable development career fair, and holding workshops on biodiesel fuel.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s Live from the Poles gives an inside look at four major scientific expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. Storytellers, photographers and videographers share not just the research teams’ tools and findings, but also how they get to remote locations like the North Pole, how they stay warm when the mercury drops, and even what they eat for lunch.

The Union of Concerned Scientists’ Scientific Integrity Curriculum Guide is designed to help undergraduate and advanced high school instructors foster thoughtful discussions about the proper role of science in federal policy making in the classroom. The guide includes lesson slides, worksheets, homework assignments, and essay suggestions.


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