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team_ice.jpgYoung Explorers – More Resources

Students on Ice takes high school students age 14 – 19 and their teachers and chaperones on learning expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. On their website you can read daily dispatches and see photos from previous expeditions.

National Geographic Young Explorer Grants aim to foster the next generation of researchers, explorers, and conservationists. Seed grants to individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 provide the opportunity for many recipients to pursue their first experiences in the field.

The Pittarak Expedition led by National Geographic Young Explorer and Global Warming 101 expedition member Sarah McNair-Landry skied and kited 1,430-miles (2,300-kilometers) to cross the Greenland icecap. See the expedition journals, logs, photographs, and high-definition video footage here.

With guidance from teachers, even very young students can research community problems and plan their own service projects. Kids as Planners is a guidebook that helps teachers engage students in Service-Learning. It can be purchased through the Kids Consortium.


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