Minnesota’s Energy Future

With the start of 2012, I thought it would be useful to highlight the positive actions taking place right now to transition Minnesota towards clean energy.

Minnesotans spend at least $20 billion a year for energy. Most of that money goes to other states that are rich in fossil fuels and leaves Minnesota with polluted air and water. With the right policies, Minnesota’s transition to clean energy can bring those dollars home to communities throughout our state in the coming decades.

At a forum last September, speakers explained how distributed wind and solar energy differs from centralized or base energy and how the coming energy revolution can democratize the electricity system. John Farrell, Director of the Energy Self Reliant States and Communities Program at the Institute of Local Self Reliance, helped in planning and arranging the forum sponsored by Think Again Minnesota. We encourage you to watch the video!

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Speakers included:

  • Lynn Hinkle, Policy Development Director Minnesota Solar Industries Association
    • The Green-Blue Alliance: Solar Energy and Labor Issues in Relation to Clean Energy Development
  • John Farrell, Director, Energy Self Reliant States and Communities Program Institute for Local Self Reliance
    • How Distributed Wind Development Can Grow Jobs and Contribute to Economic Development in Minnesota
  • George Crocker, Executive Director, North American Water Office
    • The Importance of Community Organizing for Developing Distributed Renewable Energy

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