Minnesota: We Need Your Voice

We are living in, as many are calling it, a post-election limbo. The outcomes of the presidential election spurred a sense of hope that the next four years, bigger and bolder climate action can continue, with federal support. It’s clear the American people voted for climate change solutions, but the work didn’t end in early November — in fact, it’s just begun.

If there is something we have learned in the last few months, it’s that if we make enough noise, it will be harder for our leaders to ignore. Our elected officials in office have the power to create a safer and healthier future for generations to come. Yet, many still do not feel the urgency of our dying planet and communities in harm’s way. That’s where you come in.

With the 2021 Minnesota Legislative session kicking off in January, we are using this opportunity to tell our stories, call for climate justice, stand with the earth, and remind our legislators that they represent us. And we will be heard.

From now until December 8, Climate Generation is gathering Minnesotan voices as testimony for climate action. We are pushing for our elected officials to make climate change a priority this year, and we invite you to submit your own!

Write a Letter

Our goal is to receive testimony letters from all 67 Minnesota districts and in January, our team will hand deliver a copy of the Eyewitness: MN Voices on Climate Change book to every legislator, along with the letters demanding bold action on climate change written by their constituents.

People like yourself, all around the state, are submitting their testimony letter now through our easy fill-in-the-blank template! You could also choose to write your own letter, poem, or create a piece of art.

Will you add your voice and join us in the fight? 


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