ConvergenceArtGraphicThe Midwest is a key region of focus for national efforts to address climate change. It is the most carbon-polluting region in the country, contributing nearly 25% of the total U.S. emissions. It is also home to a range of substantial climate change solutions, including some of the most committed youth climate activists in the country.

Across the Midwest, these young leaders are challenging old paradigms that separate social justice from environmental concerns and thinking critically about the intersection between climate, economy, class, and race. They understand the need to change the way the money flows, in order to transition to a just and sustainable future. They know that unless we do this, we won’t be able to build the large-scale social movement we need to drive market forces and shift political will. Climate Generation is proud to join with these youth partners as we deepen our commitment to a sustainable and equitable future for all.

This fall, Climate Generation is co-hosting the Midwest Youth Climate Convergence, October 30 – November 1. This three-day working retreat aims to support youth-driven campaigns and initiatives, strengthen regional organizing capacity and deepen cross-issue strategy. Our work during the weekend will primarily focus on campaigns that address:

  • divestment and reinvestment
  • tar sands extraction and pipeline infrastructure
  • community wealth building and green economy solutions

We hope that the event will be an opportunity to strengthen relationships across the Midwest, as we listen to each other’s stories, reflect on our own identities and relationship to privilege, and dig in together on shared campaigns. We also hope the event will challenge many of us to think beyond what we are opposing (the fossil fuel economy), to what we are embracing – not only a clean energy future, but one that supports healthy, resilient, and thriving local communities.

Registration is open! We encourage youth organizers across the Midwest to consider applying. Please help us spread the good word to your networks.

Learn more: http://www.midwestyouthconvergence.org/
Spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/events/1626930900894679/
Contact us: abby@climategen.org, maria@climategen.org, savannah@climategen.org


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