Meet the YEA! MN Core for 2016-17!

Elisabeth Andre
Senior, DeLaSalle High School

Elisabeth gained a lot of skills from participating in YEA! MN last year, such as how to be a leader, and how to become more comfortable talking in front of groups of people. She is inspired to do environmental work by thinking about future generations, and preserving natural beauty for the future to have and enjoy. A practicing vegan and an artist, Elisabeth works at a vegan boutique called Ethique Nouveau, and participates in National Arts Honors Society. She also makes costumes for her school’s theater. Over the next year, she hopes to learn more about communicating climate change and grow as a leader in her facilitation skills with larger groups.

Felicia Galvan
Senior, Irondale High School

felicia-galvanFelicia became interested in the environment through her work at Dream of Wild Health, a native youth farm in Hugo, MN. Watching her mentors and learning about culture and agriculture made her realize there’s a lot to see and learn from in nature when you pay close attention. When not working at Dream of Wild Health, Felicia works as an usher in theaters, which has caused her love of theater to grow. Over the next year, she is excited to meet new people and figure out what it looks like for her to be a leader, and get comfortable with that role. Felicia wants to both gain confidence in speaking out and developing listening skills. She is excited to work with a group of people her own age to learn together and develop a shared vision for climate solutions.

Isabel Strebe
Senior, South High School

isabel-strebeIsabel found YEA! MN a few years ago through her school’s environmental group, Green Tigers. She had a basic understanding of environmental issues when she started, but learned about environmental racism and intersectionality through YEA! MN. For her, focusing on people as well as the environment is really important. Isabel has been inspired to try and create healthy, happy spaces where people’s voices are uplifted and their values are protected. She hopes this year will bring more opportunities to grow as a leader and continue to figure out how she can be a part of the climate movement. As well as being part of Green Tigers, Isabel is a cross country runner and a nordic skier, and loves reading, being outside, and making food.

Ubah Abdulkadir
Senior, Patrick Henry High School

ubah-abdulkadirWhen doing social justice work, whether at YEA! MN or Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), Ubah asks herself, “what kind of world do I want my future kids to live in?” As a senior, Ubah is trying to focus on doing things that she is truly passionate about. Over the next year she is excited to learn more about the environment, her community, and herself as a leader.  In addition to participating in meetings and rallies with NOC, Ubah participates in College Possible, and Girls in Action, a program which brings a message of self-love to young, predominantly black girls. When looking to the future, she hopes that one day taking care of the environment will just become the norm.

Marco Hunt
Sophomore, Breck High School

wihinapeMarco has always been interested in climate change and had an opportunity to hone this interest over the past four years working at Dream of Wild Health, a native youth farm based in Hugo, MN. Balancing work with involvement in their school’s Model United Nations club, enviro club, marimba band, and Gender-Secuality Alliance, Marco is ready to develop new leadership skills by working with the YEA! MN core. They hope to make connections with other core members, develop individual leadership, and learn lessons that they can bring back to Breck’s Green Team. They’ve been interested in climate change their whole life, and have become inspired to be more active in their community. Marco is ready to learn how apply their environmental knowledge in order to make a change.

Zoe Redfern-Hall
Senior, Avalon High School

zoe-redfern-hallZoe participated in YEA! MN last year, and is ready to strengthen her commitment to the program. Through this commitment she hopes to gain a more deep and thorough understanding of climate change, so she can start discussions about it back at her school. Zoe became interested in climate change and climate justice when she took a class that focused on food production, and how unjust this system can be. She’s excited to use this year to do some real work towards climate justice, and to continue to learn about how to effectively organize. When not involved in activism work, Zoe runs, paints, and spends a lot of her time at PSEO.

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