Mass “Die-In” Outside Plenary at Climate Talks

Here is an article posted originally on It’s Getting Hot in Here by Josh Lynch:

More than 30 youth from Australia, Mexico, India, Sweden, the US, Germany, and around the world staged a “die-in” today outside the main plenary at COP15 with the message – “The World Wants a Real Deal” and “Real Deal Saves Lives”.

A real deal was in jeopardy today as speculation emerged that the EU and Japan may steal billions of dollars from humanitarian aid budgets in order to offer it in a global climate deal. With more than 100 heads of state coming to Copenhagen next week it is hard to believe they would leave without some sort of agreement. The question now is – will they settle on a real deal or empty promises?

A real deal in Copenhagen means three things: Real Science. A Global Peak in Emissions by 2015. To save lives and avoid critical climate tipping points, global greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2015, and atmospheric concentrations must rapidly decline to stable, safe level at 350ppm CO2e.

Real Money. $200 billion/year by 2020.
Developed countries need to provide at least US$200 billion in public financing per year by 2020, in addition to existing aid commitments, for developing country adaptation and mitigation actions.

Real Teeth. A Legally-Binding Treaty.
Leaders must agree at Copenhagen to sign a legally binding, enforceable treaty as soon as possible.

With climate change already causing 300,000 deaths every year, scientists and citizens worldwide have made it clear that anything short of a real deal in Copenhagen is unacceptable. More than 1500 climate vigils are already being planned for this Saturday, 12/12 all over the world to take the message that “The World Wants a Real Deal” beyond Copenhagen.

As we lay on the ground representing victims from flood, famine, and disease with eyes shut, we felt the pulse of cameras from more than 18 different news outlets. Shortly after the action the Guardian posted word on their front page – in a live blog from Copenhagen (See 3:10pm). The action has only just begun!


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