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tobyDay 39
Distance traveled: 40 km / 25 mi
Position: N 80° 42′ W 096° 01′

What an absolutely incredible day. Waking up this morning, the sun was shining bright with not a breath of wind in the air. The huge mountains beside us stood in full glory as they basked in the suns heat. It was a smooth day and traveling was so enjoyable – a welcomed break to the days past. In a way it felt as though it was our reward for working so hard the last forty days to get us to where we are now. Just off the coast of Axel Heiberg camped by an island called Bjornason.

Traveling in conditions like this gives you a real chance to take in your surroundings and appreciate where you are. It’s amazing the perspective it gives you. Not only being in such an inspiring place, but being so detached from the outside world that you can look objectively on it. How people get so fixated on little things and actually miss the bigger picture. As big and powerful as this world seems it is really a fragile place. We are having an affect on the balance of this planet and could tip the scales. If people do not become more aware of their surroundings there could be big consequences. It would be a real shame to win the hearts and minds of people only to realize it is too late to make a difference. There are much larger things at stake, but preserving the world’s beautiful and fragile ecosystems should be enough to do something towards the cause. Places just like the Arctic in all its magnificence could be lost.

I had this thought while I was traveling from Clyde River to Igloolik last year and it may help to sum up what I mean. I like to think of the Arctic as a giant snowflake, amazing in its structure and magnificent in its beauty, but just like a snowflake when it lands on your hand, with that slight change in temperature, it will melt and be lost forever. If we all do our own small part and act like the forks that keep the snowflake intact, it will not melt and disappear, nor will other fragile ecosystems just like it.

Be a fork and do your own small part to keep this fragile place intact. Together we can make a difference.

All the best,

Falcon (Sam)…

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