Lobby for a Cleaner Day

MaedinLobby Day was a very interesting time for my peers from Burnsville High School and me. Having taken the bus to the Capitol, I was very excited to see what was to come that day. I spent weeks helping YEA! MN gather students from my school for this awesome event.  When reaching the church nearby for training, I was very interested by the speakers who discussed our agenda.

One of my favorite aspects about Lobby Day was the bill we were working on.  We were lobbying to increase Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard to 40% by 2030, if passed it will provide many jobs for clean energy along with reducing our carbon pollution.  Being in an atmosphere among real people who are taking action to do what they believe in was a eye-opening experience.  It was a change from being at school where people only do/participate in activities that their friends are doing.

One of my legislators that I talked with about the bill was Senator Dan Hall. My peers and I were nervous and felt intimidated at first to talk to him because who wouldn’t be?   Although once we started to talk to him, I realized he wasn’t different than anyone else, as cliché as it sounds.  He gave us a tour of where the senate meets and we discussed the bill right away.  I was so happy because so far, he said he was on board!

I also enjoyed the meeting with governor Mark Dayton.  How cool is that?! I don’t mean to brag but I felt pretty important when he was discussing and answering the questions us youth had about the renewable energy standard and how to shift more towards clean energy.  Some of my peers from Burnsville said that they would like to come back next year.  Next year I will be even more prepared for Lobby Day now that I know what a lobbyist does and how to perform like one!


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