Learning From My Generation

As I look back & reflect on YEA MN’s last network meeting, I am feeling more empowered and guided than ever. At the start, we got to work with the amazing people of iMatter, a national youth climate organization with school teams here in Minnesota, and generated ideas of how we can work together to get commitment from our cities on climate action plans. I always love these meetings because it’s extraordinary to be surrounded by people who you can relate to and share the same mentality with you.

We spent time planning in our own school teams and had the opportunity talk with students leaders of environmental clubs at other high schools schools. Being the only one there from my school, this was really an eye opening chance to collaborate with other leaders/activists. I learned that I’m actually on the same page as basically every other green team leader, facing the same challenges they do. We shared ideas and talked about the futures of our green teams, and what’s going on. My school is doing a totally remarkable Earth week all about caring for our planet with the goal of opening some of my peers eyes. I was able to share some of the things I have planned, from our bike day to our education on climate change day! I shared these ideas and heard many others, from plant sales to going out and touring facilities, and my mind was filled with amazing ideas that I can put forth in my Earth week and use at my green team meetings.

Between all this conversation it was the perfect chance to get to know other young people that I don’t get to see too often and was reminded about how powerful and awesome some of the youth in the metro area are. As we came back together at the end I had this feeling that this is exactly where I should be, and I just got this feeling in my heart, that what we are doing is actually making a difference. My excitement rages for the next YEA! MN meeting and to continue working and learning from my generation.

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