Learn, Revise, Re-Launch! The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program Strikes Again

Savannah Duby, Mentorship Program Coordinator, Climate Generation
Savannah Duby, Mentorship Program Coordinator, Climate Generation

The 2014 Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program wrapped up this August and is about to re-launch a fresh cycle this October, integrating last year’s insights on how to best support healthy collaborative relationships across the generational spectrum. In the 2014-2015 round, we supported eleven matches in the Midwest, pairing youth organizers under 30 with veteran staff in an egalitarian shared-learning experience where all participants were learners and teachers. From this third round of the program, we clarified several key ways to help make this program a stronger resource for people working on climate issues in the Midwest.

Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program – Pillars of Success:

  • Matching – Matching based on complementary growth interests and personal compatibility helps ensure that pairs are excited to meet regularly and can develop a lasting relationship.
  • Culture – An egalitarian model helps people see each other as both learners and teachers. Personal ways of relating to one another builds trust while supportive yet thoughtfully challenging interactions encourage growth.
  • Structure – Intentional program design that encourages cross-pollination and provides optional additional structure offers clarity and invites creativity.
  • Strategy – Every match can be a part of further developing personal and professional growth, while also strengthening networks and developing movement strategy.


This year we are taking the program in some exciting new directions, creating a more personal and interactive experience for pairs to explore how they can be a resource for each other. A focus for this year is also to support greater collaboration and communication within the RE-AMP Network.

By experimenting, adjusting, and growing the program each year, we intend to build out a program platform for people to build mutually supportive and lasting relationships across age and other potential silos. We believe that effective collaboration is critical in realizing just and sustainable climate change solutions – and that collaboration rooted in authentic relationships will result in more powerful outcomes. Learn more about our program goals and resources here.

We invite you to consider participating. It is not too late to register! Apply through this interest form and contact program coordinator Savannah Duby (savannah@climategen.org) with any questions.

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