Knuth Promotes Clean Energy at Copenhagen Climate Summit

Knuth Promotes Clean Energy at Copenhagen Climate Summit

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 4:29 PM CST COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — State Reps. Kate Knuth, DFL-50B, and Jeremy Kalin, DFL-17B, traveled to Copenhagen the week of Dec. 7 to participate in the historic United Nations climate change summit. Both are members of CLEAN (Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now), a group of energy leaders from more than 40 states working closely with the White House on federal clean energy jobs legislation.

Minnesota is recognized as a model for the new clean energy since passing the one of the nation’s strongest renewable energy standards in 2007. Knuth, co-author of that legislation, also chief-authored a law providing legislative oversight of the Midwest Regional Cap and Trade accord negotiations.

Knuth traveled as a policy mentor to the Will Steger Foundation youth delegation, and while in Copenhagen was a presenter at two events, including a Dec.17 panel discussion organized by the White House that included state and tribal leaders discussing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She was also part of a Dec. 14 event with the Center for Climate Strategies, the same group that led the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group.

In addition, Knuth and Kalin met Dec. 14 with other young American elected officials to urge members of Congress to start investing in new, safe energy technologies such as wind and solar power to help rebuild the nation’s manufacturing base, create jobs and grow the economy.

“Climate chan-ge is the world’s biggest environmental challenge,” said Knuth. “The time has come for America to take necessary action to improve the way we make and use energy, grow and sustain a new energy economy, and protect our environment and our world for future generations.”

To read Knuth’s acc-ounts of the climate change summit access For a more complete story on her visit, see next week’s Press.

See the online article from the Shoreview Press website – Dec 29, 2009


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