Joy and Love for the Work Ahead

Summer brings a time of frenetic energy—especially for those of us that have lived through the cold winter months. Green lushness explodes and drips around us, the sun rises early and sets late, and it’s nearly impossible to fit in all of the summer festivals and events we want to attend. It is Pride Month, where we celebrate and reaffirm LGBTQI+ rights, culture, poetry, and love. On June 19th we celebrate the nation’s true independence day, Juneteenth, commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. At Climate Generation we welcome the opportunity to celebrate with our colleagues, neighbors, partners, and families the rich diversity of our community and the joy of doing good and fruitful work together.

However, summer does bring its own set of climate related challenges. Temperatures continue to rise with more prolonged heat waves; hurricane season is expected to be above normal; and wildfire season is just beginning. In fact, “danger season” has recently been introduced as the most appropriate descriptor for summer. It is a time when recognizing the needs of those in our local community could not be more important. The elderly, unsheltered, those with disabilities, and many BIPOC communities face summer climate risks. Who in your community is marginalized, forgotten, or at risk of extreme heat or weather events and do you know how to connect them with cooling stations, shelters, and support? Schools, libraries, and community centers often are set up as places residents can find relief, and many cities and states have maps for free cool and safe shelters.

This juxtaposition of joy and risk, celebration and fear, are where we find ourselves often in our work. We know that we must lean into and embrace the complexity—because solving the climate crisis isn’t simple. We need to be okay with uncertainty, taking risks, and transforming systems to make the world the place we all need it to be. And, we need joy and love and celebration in community with each other, to sustain us for the work ahead.

Embracing the complex,


Denise Fosse
Senior Director of Development, Marketing and Communications


Kristen Poppleton
Senior Director of Programs

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