January 2020: The Fierce Urgency of Now

The catastrophic, climate-fueled megafires in Australia, which have killed nearly one billion wild animals and threatened Australia’s indigenous communities, highlight the dire need for leaders in the United States and around the world to enact aggressive and innovative climate solutions.  As we bear witness to another global climate disaster, let’s remember we are connected, passionate, and capable of solving our climate crisis.

This month, as we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., I am drawn to his words: “the fierce urgency of now.” It’s a new decade and it is this decade that we need to take very seriously climate action. We have a narrow window of opportunity to make major changes in the ways we produce and use energy, dramatically reducing our emissions by 2030.

I believe it is our time to lead and shine. The climate conversation is becoming louder and more visible every day, with new voices leading the charge.

This January, we are launching our Band Together podcast and webinar series (with one today!) for deeper engagement, in addition to ongoing events, including our Climate Conversation at Richardson Nature Center (Jan. 25) and Talk Climate Institute (Feb. 7-8); these are great ways to increase your confidence to talk and act on climate!

We look forward to hosting our annual Youth Climate Justice Summit in February (Feb. 26) where we draw hundreds of middle and high school youth from across Minnesota to the state capitol to advocate for their future in direct meetings with Governor Walz and Minnesota policymakers. On a fun note, we’re continuing our successful Brewing a Better Climate Trivia Series at new breweries this winter.

Finally, we’re thrilled to be welcoming our new Climate Change Education Manager, Lindsey Kirkland to our 13-person team. With a full team and your continued support, we’re eager to dive into the year (and decade!) ahead with vigor and optimism. This is the year we set a new course and this is the decade we solve our climate crisis.


Nicole Rom, Executive Director


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