Insight From a National Geographic Explorer: Oceanography | Will Steger

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Will Steger is featured in Oceanography, from National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning.

Oceanography, Eighth Edition gives students a basic understanding of the scientific questions, complexities, and uncertainties involved in ocean use, as well as the role and importance of the ocean in nurturing and sustaining life on the planet.

Using exclusive content from the National Geographic Society’s world-renowned photos, graphics, and map collections, this new edition of Oceanography provides students with the most dynamic and current introduction to oceanography on the market today.

The fourth person ever to reach both Poles, Will Steger is known by many titles—educator, activist, photographer, and explorer. This former explorer-in-residence for National Geographic is a pioneer in his field, with a series of firsts in polar exploration to his credit.

View the article online here.


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