Initial Reactions and Reflections from Week One

For the past week I have been attending the COP15, or 15th Convention of Parties at the UN Climate Change Conference, hearing from and meeting with people and a variety of perspectives and solutions. While we each came with our own intentions and expectations for the conference, it had been clear that end of this conference could have various outcomes. Despite the speculation of expectations for the outcome, one thing has been overwhelmingly clear.

This is a moment in which the entire world is watching, and really, the entire world is watching the United States in particular. At this conference, a wide array of fascinating people from various spectrums, have joined. Representatives from non-governmental organizations, students, academic professionals, scientists, politicians, generally portraying the same consensus, that action on confronting climate change has to be taken now. The world has high expectations of us, and we hold a uniquely influential role on the rest of the countries.

After working hard over the last six months through domestic grassroots efforts organizing members of Congress to develop and pass a strong and comprehensive energy and climate bill, I must admit that I was disappointed at their inability to pass a bill before the COP. I had expected it would be almost embarrassing to indentify as being American, considering our historical inability to take responsibilities for our disproportionate contribution to this global issue. Yet, I am joined with a movement of fellow Americans through the incredibly powerful Youth delegation. Hopefully, our solidarity and persistence will be inspirational to leaders here, and to those back home.

We have been working long days to make sure that all ends are covered with our participation in the activity. Our delegates have been involved with media- both traditional and social by doing video recording of interviews of notable attendees, our local actions, and writing to various journals. Through social media you can follow our twitter accounts, blogs, youtube, and flickr videos all through this website. Also, we have each taken on specific policy focuses and have formed position statements on each of the main tracks of the negotiations. Additionally, we’ve been a part of incredible partnership building through forging relations within the youth delegation, we are officially accredited as the YOUNGOS, and also honing in on our domestic relations with other partners organizations. Looking forward to


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