In Case of Emergency-You CANNOT Dial 911!!

In Copenhagen Denmark you must dial 112! The purpose of an emergency plan is to prepare, prevent and protect in case of circumstances or situations considered an emergency. A plan promotes awareness and preparation to a possible hazardous situation. You can only prepare so much, but can never really prepare for unforeseen circumstances. The lack of a plan could result in serious and devastating loss.

The U.N. Climate Change negotiations are an attempt at preservation of what is left on Mother Earth and how to protect it from various perspectives. There is no detailed indication of what is to come as a result of climate change, although there are models and probabilities, however we will never really know the devastation that could be caused. I have encountered a level of circumstances you would consider an emergency this week having lost my passport, debit cards and all identifications while abroad.

There was some planning prior to my departure, in case of an emergency, including photocopying my passport, which helped tremendously when it went missing.

  • You should always stash some currency-at least $200 minimum, in case of emergency, so that if your cards and money are misplaced, you can have some funds to use.
  • Go to the police department and file a report with them so you have documentation
  • Call and cancel all cards and head to the U.S. Embassy.

The U.S. Embassy does have assistance if you need money; they can help set up a wire transferable account for you if necessary. The Embassy will also cancel your passport and reissue a temporary one at cost. Most people were extremely helpful, but the stress was a lot to deal with. It’s a lot of work and a lot of stress, but when I worked through it, I realized more about my potential to deal with stress, work through it and have an outcome. I dealt with a stressful situation and it turned out alright. It is hopeful that with all the stress levels and concerns at the conference, that leaders and negotiators will be able to have an outcome fair to the world. Because in the future, as Anishinabe children and other children look at the world we leave behind, we wonder where will they turn to? Who will they be able to call upon? Who will they call in case of an emergency?


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