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[important color=red title=Emerging Leaders Program] The Will Steger Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Program aims to educate, empower, and engage a new generation of climate leadership on a local, regional, national, and international scale.

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[important color=green title=Summer Institute for Climate Education: 2009]gallery_expedcopThe Will Steger Foundation was proud to launch the Fourth Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education at the University of Minnesota, August 2009, featuring polar explorer Will Steger, and author and environmentalist Bill McKibben. More information available at[readon1 url=”/summer-institute-2009-image-gallery”]Check Out the Gallery[/readon1][/important]


[important color=orange title=Expedition Copenhagen Gallery]gallery_expedcop12 Midwest youth climate leaders join ‘Expedition Copenhagen’, traveling with polar explorer Will Steger and the Will Steger Foundation to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, December 2009.[readon1 url=”/expedition-copenhagen-2009/expedition-copenhagen-image-gallery”]Check Out the Gallery[/readon1][/important]


[important color=orange title=Ellesmere Island Expedition: 2008]gallery_expedcopThe Will Steger Foundation is proud to share these images from the 2008 Ellesmere Island Expedition to the High Arctic. Led by renowned polar explorer Will Steger, the expedition team consisted of 8 young leaders from 4 different countries (Great Britain, Norway, Canada, and the US), calling for immediate action on climate change solutions.[readon1 url=”/ellesmere-expedition-2008/ellesmere-island-2008-image-gallery”]Check Out the Gallery[/readon1][/important]


[important color=orange title=Baffin Island Expedtion: 2008]gallery_expedcopThe Will Steger Foundation is proud to share these images from the 2007 Baffin Island Expedition to the Canadian Arctic, led by renowned polar explorer Will Steger. The goals of the expedition were to document to the impact of global warming on the traditional intuit way of life and call for international action of climate change solutions.[readon1 url=”/baffin-island-expedition-2007/baffin-island-2007-image-gallery”]Check Out the Gallery[/readon1][/important]


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