Heading to COP

As I prepare to head to COP23, the excitement has been building rapidly. Although I certainly feel anxious, I am also extremely excited to see what the conference has to offer.

One of my passions in life is spending time outdoors in the winter skiing. I was first put on a pair of skis at age two and have been in love ever since. Unfortunately, I feel as if the snow depth each year decreases significantly. Three years ago, almost every race had to be cancelled due to the lack of snowfall.

In the summer months I love to spend my time hiking and relaxing at the beach with my friends. Lately, it seems as if the amount of rainy days keeps increasing, and who wants to hike in inches of mud?

With COP23, I am extremely excited to learn more about what can be done that could help preserve the things I love the most. I hope to have the ability to ski every winter for as long as I possibly can.

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