Heading South

Heading South 1Expedition Day: 46
Position: N 80° 57′ W 091° 28′
Distance traveled: 22.4 km / 14 mi

During the night the clouds rolled in and obscured the sun. We set off traveling due east towards Nansen sound. As the clouds broke, the sun lit up the hills of Axel Heiberg and we descended onto the frozen ocean. The mountains of Ellesmere Island came into sight off in the distance. Once we came onto Nansen sound we changed our direction and headed South towards Eureka for the first time in 46 days.

We cooked up a special meal of beans and pork to celebrate (thanks to Jim Paulson, our web guru, who pre-cooked it before our departure from Iqaluit)! After an awesome dinner, Eric and I introduced the team to a special Canadian tradition: La tire. Basically we boiled down maple sugar till it was thick and poured it onto the snow. Then we wrap it around a spoon and eat the sweet toffee.

With such an international team, it’s been great to share our traditions. Both Ben and Will are from the states. Toby and Sigrid are our two Norwegian team members who have been teaching us a new Norwegian word every day. Sam is from England and Eric and I are both Canadian.

With such an international team, it’s great to be travelling together towards a single goal. On this expedition our goal is to travel through the arctic to eyewitness the effects of climate change first hand and share our experiences with peers. One thing we’ve learned is that the arctic is a fragile and beautiful ecosystem that we must communally work together to preserve it!


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