Hannah’s Climate Story

My climate story starts in Alexandria, MN.

hannahs story fishWhen I was young, I spent my summers at our family cabin. My mom and dad would work hard all day building our cabin and improving our yard. That left my brothers and I to play in the lake, fish, and catch frogs all day. In the evening after dinner, we would pile into our two fishing boats and go out in search of “THE BIG ONE”.

When I was younger, we would catch walleye, northern, crappies, but mostly monster largemouth bass.

hannahs brothersWe had so much fun casting and jigging and reeling in huge fish and held informal fishing contests every night. As the sun would touch the tops of the trees and set, we would head back to the dock to sit around the bonfire before bed.

Over the last 5-10 years, the bass have disappeared. The fish that remain are sunfish and small northern pike.

Over the last 4 summers, the weeds in the lake have become so pervasive that it is hard to move around in the lake. Swimming near the dock is no longer fun because of the constant snares tugging at your legs. Our favorite fishing spots are taken over.  Possibly worst of all, it is difficult to get our boats in and out of our dock because the weeds are so thick.

I don’t know much about how Climate Change effects lake ecosystems, but I do know that these changes have to be attributed to human impacts.

It makes me sad that our beautiful lakes are deteriorating and I think it is time to start acting on solutions to conserve our summer traditions.


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