Green + STEM = The Clean-Energy Future

This February, Climate Generation is excited to be a sponsor for the Minneapolis Public Schools STEM & Career Exploration Expo. More than 2,000 8th-grade students will be in attendance to learn about the opportunities STEM careers have to offer, and we are excited to partner with 12 exhibitors to create the Green Alley — a portion of the Expo that will highlight STEM careers that elevate and support the clean energy economy and environmental stewardship.

A look inside the Expo

The STEM & Career Exploration Expo will take place on February 21st at the Minneapolis Convention Center. During their time, students will get the opportunity to talk with exhibitors about STEM careers. In the Green Alley, students will learn more about the careers that will help us solve climate change and drive our clean energy economy. During the Expo, Climate Generation will also reveal our new documentary about Green STEM careers featuring five professionals who explain their green job, how they got their job, and advice that they would give their middle-school self now.

Before the Expo, Climate Generation staff will visit students at their schools to share information about the Green Alley and what students should look for that day. We will lead students in an activity that helps them understand the skills that are needed for Green STEM careers and give them an idea of the pathways to get to those jobs.

Why are STEM careers important?

Climate Generation recognizes the growing need to prepare students for the clean energy revolution that is already happening and the opportunities that STEM careers can offer.

Green STEM careers can include solar and wind installers, climate scientists, environmental lawyers, and green design and construction professionals. Green STEM career opportunities are rapidly increasing, and our students need tangible opportunities that will prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

Between 2000 and 2014, clean energy employment in Minnesota surged 78%, driving economic growth and creating jobs in communities across our state. It’s estimated that during the next 15 years, Minnesota is projected to add 25,000 new jobs and generate more than $2 billion in additional wages, which translates to family-­supporting careers and millions in tax revenue for communities. The number of clean energy jobs in our state is already at 57,351 as of 2017. As technology and innovation move our economy forward, we must provide students with the practical knowledge necessary to thrive in the new economy.

Clean energy and climate change education

In addition to the STEM & Career Exploration Expo, Climate Generation is working to amplify and support green jobs partnerships through several other initiatives:

  • The development and support of the Green Jobs Initiative, a coalition of 40+ partners including state agencies, nonprofits, and businesses, with an interest in coordinating and preparing a green career workforce
  • A 6-lesson curriculum resource focused on green stem career opportunities and education pathways
  • A three-day Institute featuring curriculum and activities to inspire and engage students in green STEM careers


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