Governor Pawlenty and Will Steger Partner


govpawlenty.jpg Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Will Steger are joining forces to bring attention to the impact of global climate change in Minnesota and possible solutions.

The announcement was made after both attended a panel discussion on the impact of climate change on Lake Superior’s economy, natural systems and tourism. The panel was part of a conference sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and other organizations.

“Like most Minnesotans, Will and I share a great respect for nature and the outdoors. By highlighting impacts of climate change right here inMinnesota, we hope to bring greater attention to this important issue.”

As Chair of the National Governor’s Association, Pawlenty is leading the Securing a Clean Energy Future initiative that seeks cleaner domestic fuels, advanced electricity generation, improved efficiency and accelerated energy research and development.

“You don’t have to go far to see the impact of climate change or to find ways we can address it,” said Will Steger. “I’m delighted to join with the Governor in this effort.”

Along with a visit to Lake Superior, Pawlenty and Steger have plans to examine the impact of climate change on the state’s northern forests this winter and study of progress being made in alternative fuels, an area of national leadership for Minnesota.

In April, Pawlenty appointed the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group, which includes Steger and representatives from business, utility, environmental, academic, religious organizations, private citizens, farmers, local government, and tribal leaders. The Group is charged with the development of a comprehensive plan for reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by February, 2008.


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