Friday Feature: Meet COP21 Education Ambassador Kathy Bosiak!

As our COP21 Window Into Paris program approaches, we will be featuring an educator in our delegation each week to share their thoughts on the program and how they plan to incorporate their experience at the UN climate change negotiations into their classrooms.

This week’s featured educator is Kathy Bosiak, a high school science teacher at Lincolnton High School in western North Carolina. Kathy is also the girls soccer and JV cheerleading coach as well as the adviser for several student clubs, and plans to help all of her students understand the diverse cultural connections to climate change during her Window Into Paris experience.

Excerpt from video: “Why am I going? Well, it’s just that important. It’s important to bring that real world experience back to my students, to get them interested, to get them excited about the possibility of change instead of constantly hearing the negativity [surrounding climate change]. You can’t make a change if you’re not excited about something, and I think they also need to know that there are other students out there just like them, who are trying to make change globally.”

Kathy Bosiak

Kathy Bosiak 4

Kathy Bosiak 3

Kathy Bosiak 2

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