First Full Day

SarahPosition: N 74,37.864 W049,02.927
: Light
Distance traveled
: 20.5 km/ 13 mi
Physical Conditions: White nose and frosty eyelashes

So we are here. At the end of our first full day. Wow, it’s great to be on the trail. Months of preparation and training. Days full of orgaizing and emails and now we are here; it is quiet. Nothing to organize, just the things we have to do to get through the day safely and with the most amount of miles under our belt. Today traveling started off slow and I wasn’t sure how we were going to fair on the trip. Slowly we made our way through the rough sea ice to the flatter ice and we gained some momentum. We took turns skiing in front, giving the dogs something to run towards.

It was pretty cold on the face today. You have to be really careful. My nose had turned white before someone pointed it out to me. Luckily it was not deep and all was OK!

Being covered up causes frost to attach itself to everything. Everyone had large icicle balls imbeded in their eyelashes, hair and masks. It makes for a great picture.

Anyway all is good so far. Sitting in my tent now with Eric. Just had supper and going to get some rest for another big day tomorrow.

Keep up with our progress, it’s going to be exciting.


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