Final days in the wind

Distance traveled: rest day
Day 61 of the Expedition, the last full day

Tomorrow we will wake, at a late hour of 8:30, and travel to an unexpected destination; civilization. To be fair Eureka, a small weather/scientific/military outpost of civilization, yet it has flush toilets, electricity and heating from a generator that doubles as a giant bassoon and internet access that is slightly faster than what our Iridium connection offers. For most of the team it marks the end of this expedition, some of us will be in new York, comparatively to Eureka the very center of civilization, in only three days. Sarah and I will stay back in our home town to unpack and prepare for our next expedition, possibly we shall stay on the fringe for a while longer by living in our cabin; the habitat for Hyndman. The dogs however will journey on with Matty McNair, my mother, southward, attempting to get as close to Resolute as possible.

In many ways I wish I could continue on with them, to spend more nights in the tent listening to the sound of the wind blowing the snow outside. Luckily in less than a month I will be back out on the trail with some of this teams members. I unfortunately, will not be listening to the sound of the wind on the tent as when traveling with kites, windy days are cherished. I’m not going to give away to much, but its happening on Greenland and will hopefully involve a small wind turbine! Hope to address you next from the worlds second biggest ice camp.

Have to go the wolves are back in camp!

Eric Mcnair Landry




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